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Lantern joins the Alliance for Drone Innovation

June 2019 - Lantern UAS is proud to announce its membership in the Alliance for Drone Innovation. The Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI) is the leading policy voice for manufacturers, suppliers, and software developers of professional and personal drones. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Alliance proudly supports policies that encourage the growth of the unmanned aircraft industry for personal, professional, educational and governmental use. Alliance members are the nation’s industry leaders and corporate visionaries who are responsible for creating the vibrant drone ecosystem of today, and who will lead us to the future applications of tomorrow.

Lantern selected for landmark DHS-BTI Grant

April 2019 - Lantern Unmanned Autonomous Systems, LLC (Lantern UAS), is pleased partner with the Borders, Trade, and Immigration (BTI) Institute, a DHS Center of Excellence led by the University of Houston, to examine the homeland security applications of unmanned autonomous systems (UAS) in the maritime port environment. UAS technology is developing extremely rapidly, and there are potentially important implications for the homeland security practitioners operating at maritime ports. Systems based on UAS technology have the potential to contribute to several aspects of port security (including detection of radiation, stowaways, and seal tampering) with minimal impact on current port operations. This grant is the first time drones will be tested for these types of security applications in this remarkably complex environment. 


This collaboration between Lantern UAS and BTI will develop research that will be of immediate use to the Department of Homeland Security as it evaluates incorporating UAS into its maritime port security regime. The project will identify the potential homeland security applications of UAS use at seaports and the areas in which they can provide the greatest benefit to CBP. This project will also identify the most significant obstacles to using UAS in port environments, including the regulatory requirements of other entities such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and dealing with the concerns and requirements of key port stakeholders and state and local governments.  

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